I had great hopes that I would be writing regularly on this blog and yet I’m looking at it now and realize that I haven’t written anything for 4 months. 4 months. It all feels like a blur to me these days. This is indeed one of the busy seasons of life.

I can’t remember a time of life when I have been more busy than the last year or two. It certainly has been a self-inflicted form of busyness, but it is busyness none the less. This is what you get then you work full time, go to university part time to finish off a degree, have a growing family that you want to spend time with, and yet still have interests, hobbies and somewhat of a life.

Thankfully the university portion of the schedule will be ceasing in about 2 weeks. Yes, after two years of running myself into the ground, a light is now visible at the end of this tunnel. I’m not sure exactly what will come of this degree apart from the satisfaction of finishing it. But to be honest, I’m quite happy with that outcome alone and don’t really need anything more than that. Once it is done, and the busyness ebbs down a bit, a bit of rest will certainly feel well-deserved.

Although as my wife loves to remind me I can’t help but stay busy, and so when I finish this degree there will inevitably be something else that will take it’s place and life as I know it will remain just as busy as before. However, when I think about it, would I really want it any other way? Probably not. Still times of rest are critical and that is what I am hoping to enjoy soon.

Maybe then I’ll be able to write a bit more regularly on this blog.