I love Ruby. I know many programmers that were ready to give up, had even started the search for another career, and then they found Ruby. Or as some might say, Ruby found them.

I can relate. I can’t say I was ever actively looking for another career, but the thought crossed my mind, “do I really want to still be programming in another 10 years”? Can you blame me? I was primarily doing PHP Programming. Not to knock PHP, it works great, has an incredible amount of resources available, and for many years has gotten the job done. The problem is that while I could finish the job, the actual process always left something to be desired.

And then I started learning Ruby. I got the PickAxe and Agile Web Development with Rails books and my world was changed. My passion for programming was reignited and a whole series of events were triggered. I basically just couldn’t get enough, the floodgates opened and I let the Ruby waters sweep me away.

The Koans walk you along the path to enlightenment in order to learn Ruby. The goal is to learn the Ruby language, syntax, structure, and some common functions and libraries. - Ruby Koans

So, that brings us to Ruby Koans. If you are a developer and are looking for something that will get you excited about programming again, then maybe you should check out Ruby and I think Ruby Koans is one of the best ways to do so. The fact that Ruby Koans is what it is, speaks to how special Ruby is and how incredible the Ruby community is. Something to keep in mind when you start programming Ruby is that you also join a community of like-minded programmers, and that benefit should not be underestimated.