"All six of us"

I live in the beautiful province of British Columbia, located along the West Coast of Canada. I think living here has greatly contributed to everything I do, influencing my music composition and also my work as a software developer. The environment here makes it very easy to be creative.

From the first time I started playing with computers as a young lad, I was hooked. When I discovered how to program computers in my early teens (starting with Basic on an Apple II and then Turbo Pascal on a 286) there was no going back for me. I’ve been pretty much programming on various platforms using a myriad of programming languges ever since then.

Currently I work remotely from my home office and time is split between Lead With Purpose and Provide Chat Software although I also take on some contract work as I am able.

My musical expressions are primarily realized through my band Greylevel, which to date has released two albums through ProgRock Records. Our last album, Hypostatic Union, was released in early 2011 and has enjoyed great success. (We are even listed on ProgArchives Top Prog Albums for 2011.) The positive response to this album has been a great encouragement and we are slowly but surely working on our third album which hopefully will be done in the next couple years.

A little bit more about me

More importantly than both work and music, I am married to my best friend and we have four wonderful kids, 3 boys and 1 girl. Most spare moment that I’m not working, you’ll probably find me spending time with them.

I am also a Catholic Christian and that means in addition to reading technicals books I also enjoy theology discussions and spending a couple days at there local Benedictine Monastary, Westminster Abbey.

If you find any of this interesting, I’d love to hear from you and so please send me an email.